Housemates Salone Winner Julie Tombo Receives Gift From YouTube Vawulence Academy

The winner of the just concluded Housemates Salone Season 3 Reality TV show, Juliana Doye Conteh aka Julie Tombo has received a surprise gift from the fans of YouTube Vawulence Academy as her Dubai trip gift.

This gift came to the Julie Tombo a day before her travel trip to Dubai today as part of the prizes tagged to the grand price of the Housemates Salone TV show. As she was taken with surprised, the celebrity after seeing how gorgeous the gift were, went on flooding the place with tears of joy.

With feelings mixed with ecstasy and tears, the celebrity appreciated the contributors who in their own little way had added value to the money cake. When she was explaining, she disclosed Nohmi George told her that a surprise was coming for her but wasn’t expecting that huge surprise.

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As the celebrity will be traveling to Dubai with finalist and other housemates today, fans from YouTube Vawulence Academy has presented Julie a money cake expressing how loyal they are as fans and family.


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