Sierra Leonean rapper Tamba Mbayo, widely known as Kaley Bag, has shared his thoughts on the recent fall of the renowned Freetown cotton tree. He expressed his candid opinion on how he believes the iconic tree should be replaced.

In Kaley Bag’s view, once the mourning period is over, he proposes that the cotton tree be replaced with a grand statue or tower similar to the Statue of Liberty, which he suggests should be named “Mama Salone.

After we don mourn, me own recommendation for replace cotton tree for be a big statue/tower lek Statue of Liberty, but go call am Mama Salone” he writes

Kaley Bag is a popular Afro Beat/Hip-Hop artist and a well-recognized figure in Sierra Leone. He has gained fame for his unwavering dedication and undefeated streak in the Africa Young Voices (AYV) cypher/freestyle competition for two consecutive years.

The cotton tree, a significant symbol located in the heart of Freetown, fell on Wednesday, May 24, due to heavy rainfall and strong winds. For Sierra Leoneans, this tree represents freedom and resilience, as it is believed to have served as the initial gathering place for formerly enslaved individuals who sought a fresh start as free men and women in Sierra Leone, coming from America, Nova Scotia, and Jamaica.