In a recent video interview, Sierra Leone’s Entertainment Ambassador, Amara Denis Turay Jalloh “Kao Denero” has addressed significant concerns and accusations circulating within the country’s entertainment sector.

One of the noteworthy revelations from Kao was related to a meeting with the President, during which 300 entertainers received financial assistance for transportation. Kao stated, “The then Minister of Tourism received a substantial $20,000, and I played a crucial role in ensuring that entertainers collected their fair shares at the Ministry of Tourism. This initiative resulted in the distribution of millions of Leones to those present.”

However, Kao Denero said He declined to accept any of the money, demonstrating his commitment to prioritizing the needs of others.

Addressing the public’s expectations that he responds to every social media rumor or allegation, Kao Denero emphasized that he wouldn’t engage in addressing all such claims, as not every media matter warrants a response. He also acknowledged that the money provided by the President wasn’t sufficient to benefit everyone, but many received their share.

Again, Kao clarified a dispute involving the artist Famous, stating that he had offered Famous 30 million Leones for a performance at the opening of the Southern Arena Stadium in Bo. Despite the offer, Famous declined and returned the money. Kao chose not to pursue legal action, indicating that he holds no grudge against Famous.

Additionally, Kao discussed a controversy involving the Sierra Leone DJs union, revealing that he advocated for DJ Tamba B and fellow DJs to receive an additional $300 from the $700 given by then Minister Madam Memunatu, resulting in a total of $1,000. Importantly, Kao clarified that he was not responsible for managing the money and reaffirmed his support for the DJs’ interests.

In conclusion, Kao issued a heartfelt plea to all entertainers, urging them to prioritize facts and understanding before making complaints. He stressed the importance of seeking the truth and avoiding hasty conclusions when addressing issues within the entertainment industry. Kao reaffirmed his ongoing commitment to advocating for the welfare and equity of fellow entertainers in Sierra Leone’s entertainment world.