Sierra Leone’s Entertainment Ambassador, Kao Denero, has made a heartfelt pledge to do everything within his power to advocate for popular rapper, Boss LA’s freedom.

He conveyed this commitment during his closing remarks at the national entertainment conference.

Ambassador Kao Denero expressed that he often experiences sleepless nights due to Boss LA’s situation and has pledged to do everything possible to advocate for LA’s freedom.

During his closing remarks at the national entertainment conference, he emphasized that despite the criticisms surrounding his ambassadorship coinciding with Boss LA’s imprisonment, he views their rivalry in music as fun and part of the rap game.

Kao Denero committed to collaborating with others to seek a pardon for Boss LA, prioritizing engagement with the president to achieve this goal.

He wants to ensure that Sierra Leoneans don’t associate Boss LA’s imprisonment with his tenure as Ambassador.


Recall that Boss LA was sentenced to 9 years in prison by High Court Judge Hon. Justice Adrian Fisher on March 17, 2023. He was found guilty of four charges, including robbery and assault.

The charges stemmed from an incident in August 2022 at Leonco Fueling Station in Congo Cross, where he assaulted a pump attendant and stole her sales. The state had initially requested 10 years for three counts and 4 years for grievous bodily harm, but LAJ made an emotional appeal on his own behalf, resulting in his prison sentence.