Kao Denero, the renowned hip-hop singer, CEO of Blackleo, and Sierra Leone’s entertainment ambassador, has recently addressed the wave of negative comments circulating on social media, particularly Facebook. These comments focus on the alleged $20,000 expenditure for the production of his upcoming music video, “For Your Sake.”

In response to the criticism, Kao Denero urged fellow Sierra Leoneans and entertainment enthusiasts to pause and reflect, stating, “Let’s be serious for a minute. I know it’s fun for some to keep pulling others down constantly.” Expressing concern about the impact of such behavior, he highlighted the broader repercussions, emphasizing that Nigerians, Ghanaians, and even people from Cameroon are observing and reading these comments.

Kao Denero underscored the detrimental effects of the negative commentary on Sierra Leone’s reputation in the African entertainment scene. He cautioned that the constant undermining of local talents could jeopardize the nation’s standing, with the potential consequence that “no one in Africa will ever take a Sierra Leonean act to be anything serious.”

Lamenting the current state of the music industry, he shed light on the insufficient support system and its toll on artists’ energy and passion. Kao Denero went further to express that, due to the unfavorable environment, the love and passion for music in Sierra Leone might be in vain. He pointed out that fans have lost the true concept of support, leading to a draining atmosphere that makes it challenging to sustain the entertainment industry.

The artist concluded by suggesting that there is more enjoyment and fulfillment for musicians beyond the borders of Sierra Leone. This candid revelation serves as a plea to foster a positive environment that encourages and uplifts local talents, ultimately ensuring the country’s music scene thrives on the continent.