In the wake of ongoing controversies surrounding Drizilik and Kao Denero, Vickie Remoe, perceived as a close ally of Drizilik, has stepped forward to provide clarification regarding the musical genres associated with the two artists.

Remoe asserted that Drizilik is not and has never been a hip-hop artist. She emphasized that hip-hop encompasses not only rap music but also includes elements of culture, fashion, lifestyle, and persona. In her statement, she pointed out that Kao Denero has long been recognized as the face of hip-hop, possessing the most extensive discography, a plethora of hits, and a devoted fan base.

“Kao is hip-hop, Yok7 is hip-hop, LAJ is hip-hop, Menace is hip-hop, but Drizilik is NOT and never has been a hip-hop artist,” Remoe clarified. She went on to highlight that hip-hop is a cultural phenomenon that extends beyond the musical realm.

According to Remoe, Kao Denero stands alone in a league of his own when it comes to representing the culture of hip-hop. She praised his wide-ranging discography, numerous hits, substantial fanbase, and the authentic lifestyle he leads. In her view, Kao Denero’s prominence in the hip-hop scene remains unrivaled.

“He is about the culture,” Remoe declared, underscoring Kao Denero’s unique position as a trailblazer in the world of hip-hop.