Sierra Leone’s Music and Entertainment Ambassador, Kao Denero, has announced an expansion of the ‘All Bato Wan’ Initiative, aimed at promoting the country’s artists on global platforms with the support of bloggers.

The initiative, initially launched as a two-week promotional program, has now been extended to provide opportunities for both established and emerging artists in Sierra Leone to showcase their music internationally. Artists such as Famous, Queenak, and King Boss LA have already benefited from the initiative, with their music and videos being shared by hired bloggers.

Speaking on the initiative, Kao Denero emphasized inclusivity, stating that other Sierra Leonean musicians with noteworthy tracks and videos are encouraged to contact the Office of The Entertainment Ambassador or a member of the initiative for potential inclusion in future promotional cycles.

In response to suggestions for a more structured approach, Kao Denero and his team have outlined specific guidelines for the selection and promotion of artists, ensuring a focused and effective promotional strategy. During the two-week promotional period, selected artists will receive concentrated promotion on social media platforms, with bloggers also having the flexibility to feature other artists or musical content.

The overarching goal of the ‘All Bato Wan’ initiative is to support Sierra Leonean entertainers at all levels of their careers, both locally and internationally, without bias. Kao Denero expressed his gratitude to the collective effort of bloggers, content creators, and artists, emphasizing the importance of sustained engagement to ensure the initiative’s success.

Looking ahead, Kao Denero hopes to engage government and other partners to further support the initiative, which he personally sponsors. He calls on all stakeholders to join in supporting this initiative, recognizing its potential to elevate Sierra Leonean music onto the global stage.