Sierra Leone’s esteemed entertainment ambassador, Kao Denero, recently took a nostalgic journey on social media, reminiscing about his remarkable feats in filling the National Stadium to its maximum capacity.

In a heartfelt post, he shared an endearing moment with his daughter when she inquired about the massive turnout during one of his events at the stadium. He recounted the conversation, stating, “My daughter asked me one day, ‘Dada, all these people came out to see you lol.’ I proudly answered, ‘Yes, dear. 2009 Blackleo Africell stadium event. One out of the third time I packed the National stadium to full capacity.'”

Kao Denero referenced his history of filling the National Stadium to full capacity. Specifically, he mentioned the memorable Blackleo Africell stadium event, highlighting that it was one of the occasions he successfully packed the stadium to its maximum.

Kao Denero, in recent days, has been reminiscing about his illustrious past in the entertainment industry. This reflection follows a social media altercation with another artist, Drizilik, who labeled Kao Denero a “liar” in a comment on Kao Denero’s Facebook post.