Sierra Leone’s Entertainment Ambassador, Kao Denero, has addressed speculations surrounding his past relationships and his recent marriage to Esther Kay.

In his statement, the Ambassador revealed that he felt deeply betrayed by someone he had invested his love and trust in, which he found profoundly embarrassing. He further explained that thanks to the intervention of Esther Kay, things took a turn for the better. He expressed that she was the one who wiped away the tears from his eyes.

His statement reads; The year 2023 started with me on the downside, I was totally betrayed and rejected by someone I invested time, love and trust to.

Then by the grace and intervention of the Almighty GOD I met an angel by the name of Esther, a clean unique and innocent beautiful woman.

This young lady automatically wiped out all the tears in my eyes.

Embraced my daughter like her own, we developed a great bond like friends.

A very spiritual being, almost completing her first degree course in tourism.

I was struck by her humbleness and affection; the embrace I experience from her parents.

Her dad Mr Sembu became a close friend and father to me, unfortunately we lost him this July after a long illness.

As part of the family, I played my role in consoling Esther Kayย a woman I have found to possess great House wife potential.

The public assumptions keep mounting, speculations about my previous relationships.

Guys, yes I was married before but separated and divorced ten yrs ago with the mother of my older children Mariam, and that’s it.

Yesterday, Esther and I embarked on a very special venture, the adventure of marriage.

I pray for God’s protection and wisdom as a husband as well as courage for her to endure.

Am extending my greatest appreciation to all for their congratulatory messages.โ€