Sierra Leone’s award-winning rapper Kao Denero, real name Amara Dennis Turay, will participate in the upcoming Mano River Music Conference (MRMC) in Liberia.

The event, hosted by event management company ASAP Africa, takes place on December 8th and 9th at the EJS Ministerial Complex in Monrovia. It aims to bridge the gap between music, video production, and technology industries within the Mano River Union countries.

The MRMC seeks to foster collaboration and growth across Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Cote d’Ivoire. It will feature various activities, including:

Industry Panels: Experts from the US, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, and the Mano River Union will lead discussions on best practices in music, video, and tech collaboration, promotion, and monetization.

Mano River Union Battle Rap Championship: Rappers from each member country will compete for prizes including record deals, publishing deals, and production opportunities.

Tech Hackathon: Programmers will collaborate on a 48-hour project with a chance to win cash and other incentives.

Monetization Panels: Industry leaders will discuss strategies for protecting intellectual property and achieving growth in music and viral videos. Additionally, a panel focused on technology will offer insights on app marketing, securing investment, and building a following.

Closing Concert: The conference will culminate with a live performance featuring celebrated artists from the Mano River Union.

Kao Denero, known for his socially conscious lyrics and catchy beats, brings his experience to the MRMC. His albums, including “King of Africa” and the recent “Heroes,” explore themes of identity, African pride, and societal issues.

The Mano River Music Conference presents a valuable opportunity for Kao Denero and other participants to share knowledge, foster collaboration, and propel the creative industries within the Mano River Union forward.