Amara Dennis Turay, widely known as Kao Denero, the esteemed ambassador of entertainment in Sierra Leone, has issued a stern warning to citizens attempting to fuel tension or advise Drizilik, a prominent artist in Sierra Leone, to disrespect him.

Kao Denero expressed his concern, stating, “I see them all trying their best to hype a bad situation between me and this young brother. I know you do wonder why you hardly see Emerson or Kman with a crew right? Or I know you carry this notion that older acts don’t help the younger ones lol.”

To counter the rising tensions and demonstrate his role in Drizilik’s musical development, Kao Denero shared a photo on Facebook featuring himself and Drizilik.

The caption accompanying the image reads, “This pic was taken way before Edris or Vicky got involved. I took Drizi on a ride, picked him up, and we drove to Citizen Radio station for an interview—my interview, but I allowed him to introduce himself to the East End fans. Drove him back home in my Range Rover then and dropped him off at Wellington street. Is this the same guy y’all trying to hype up to disrespect me? C’mon man.

In his concluding remarks, Kao Denero urged everyone to cease the brewing controversy. He emphasized the importance of respecting elders and staying humble, especially towards those who have made valuable contributions to one’s journey. The message resonates with a call for unity within the Sierra Leonean music community, encouraging artists to acknowledge and appreciate the efforts of those who paved the way for their success.

As tensions rise, Kao Denero’s message serves as a reminder of the significance of humility and gratitude in the entertainment industry. Sierra Leone’s musical landscape stands to benefit from fostering positive relationships and acknowledging the contributions of both seasoned and emerging artists.