Sierra Leone’s Entertainment Ambassador, Kao Denero, steps into the spotlight once again, offering an exclusive glimpse into his dynamic week of endeavors.

On Monday, Ambassador Kao Denero engaged in a productive meeting with the recently appointed Minister of Tourism and Deputy Minister. The meeting served as a platform for the ambassador to outline his ongoing projects, shed light on his visionary plans for the future of the entertainment sector, and discuss his past achievements.

Tuesday saw Ambassador Kao Denero gracing the ceremonious handover event from the outgoing Minister of Tourism and Cultural Affairs to the freshly appointed Minister and Deputy. This symbolic event highlighted the ambassador’s continued commitment to promoting culture and tourism on a national scale.

Wednesday was marked by an intensive interview session conducted by Ambassador Kao Denero himself. Aspiring candidates vying for various roles within the ambassador’s office, including positions like Office Administrator, Secretary, Event Planner, and Project Officer, were given the chance to showcase their talents and potential.

A transatlantic connection took place on Thursday when Ambassador Kao Denero engaged in a productive Zoom meeting with potential investors from New York, USA. The investors expressed their intent to organize a talent search event in Sierra Leone this November, culminating in the signing of the winner for a record deal with the prestigious RCA Records in the United States. Additionally, they plan to conduct a comprehensive workshop to educate local entertainers about entertainment laws, as well as opportunities on platforms like YouTube and Spotify.

The week wrapped up on Friday with Ambassador Kao Denero completing his rigorous interview sessions with the aspiring candidates. He promptly submitted detailed reports to the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, ensuring a meticulous evaluation process for potential additions to his team.