Sierra Leonean artist Kenita Nyawo Sia Sinah has been found dead after going missing for over a week, according to reports.

Sinah, a recent graduate of Fourah Bay College (FBC) at the University of Sierra Leone, reportedly faced various challenges throughout her life.

Neighbors reported not seeing Sinah for over a week and upon finding her main sitting room door open, contacted a carpenter to break open the locked verandah door. Tragically, Sinah was found deceased inside the residence.

The report describes the house to be undisturbed, with all her belongings, including her dog, remaining untouched. No signs of vandalism or robbery were evident, with a sum of NLE160 left on the dining table. Authorities were reportedly unable to reach Sinah on her mobile phone.

According to the report, neighbors expressed concern about the police response to Sinah’s disappearance, claiming it was not taken seriously. The report also highlights that Sinah had never been away from her residence for such an extended period in the two years she lived there.

The circumstances surrounding Sinah’s death remain unclear. This is a developing story, and further details are awaited.