One of Sierra Leone’s popular bloggers Hawanatu Konneh has explained the reason she claims led to the breakup of one of Sierra Leone’s popular magicians, Baimba Moiforah popularly known as LAC, and Ex-Housemate Salone season 3 contestant Memie Munah Zayat commonly called Ginger Queen.

Hawanatu in a Facebook live video stated that Ginger Queen slept with a friend of his boyfriend LAC which led to their separation.

Hawanatu stated that a Nigerian friend of LAC pay him a visit in Gnana and Ginger Queen was introduced by LAC to his friend as his girlfriend.

She also stated that after the introduction, LAC’s friend and Ginger Queen started having some conversations which led to them sleeping with each other, adding that Ginger Queen was having a mindset of gaining money from LAC’s friend who is well-to-do (rich) but it was the opposite.

She continued that after Ginger Queen who bases in America has returned and his friend has also returned to Nigeria, his (LAC) boys at home informed him that his friend slept with his girlfriend before both of them returned to their different destinations.

She said Ginger Queen was questioned by LAC about the information he received but ended up denied, adding that LAC later confronted his friend who told him it was true but they only had a one-night stand.

She continued narrating that LAC lost interest in Ginger Queen as rumors started circulating on social media that LAC and Ginger Queen are not on good terms but Ginger Queen keeps posting photos of them together pretending everything is good between them.

She went on to state that LAC and his friend plotted against Ginger Queen and the friend asked her to meet him in Nigeria which she agreed to do and was presented with a fake ticket which was purchased by a fraud account.

She said Ginger Queen tried checking the ticket online but it was not accessible.

Hawanatu said the story she had explained is true as she was told by the person LAC confide in.