Kontri Boss has released the Track List of Kontri Boss Ahead of His Rebirth Album Release on 29th September 2023, at the Citadel Levels VIP Night Club on Hill Cut Road in Freetown.

The Rebirth Abum” is both a fresh introduction for new fans and a delightful treat for loyal followers, solidifying Kontri Boss as an exceptional artist. The Track List contains 7 Bonus tracks and 20 all together.

Some of the Tracks in the Album are  “Bless My Hustle” is a musical journey. The title track sets the tone, a testament to hard work and resilience. “My City” is a love letter to hometown roots, while “The Boss (Ling N Loss)” is a confident anthem, showcasing the artist’s journey.

“Nobody Holy” and “In Dilemma” delve into the human condition, provoking thought and reflection. “Odoyewu” and “Buy N Sell” are catchy tunes that get you moving, showcasing a flair for rhythm and melody.

“Danceable” doesn’t begin to cover “Fine Baby” and “Zongo”. They are infectious, inviting listeners to let loose. “Crush My Soul” and “Believe” inspire, a reminder of inner strength and faith.

“No Turning Back” and “Kill A Man” are intense, raw and emotional. They expose a vulnerable side. “Monalisa” and “Ur Waist” are romantic tracks, filled with heartfelt lyrics and smooth beats.

“Ar Nor Meet Up” and “Go Insie Posin” are fun, light-hearted tracks, a departure from the intensity. “Butterfly” is soothing, a calming melody to unwind. “Time Dae Go” and “Sweet Me” are heartwarming, a perfect end to the album. A well-rounded album indeed!