Prezo Koroma, a well-known entertainment journalist in Sierra Leone, has come forward with serious allegations against the country’s entertainment ambassador, Kao Denero.

Koroma claims that he has been targeted by hired thugs who are allegedly associated with Kao Denero, with plans to attack and physically harm him on the streets.

“Plans are on the way for me to be attacked and beaten up by thugs allegedly hired by Entertainment Ambassador Kao Denero,”ย he said.

The disagreement between Prezo Koroma and Kao Denero arose when Koroma publicly revealed a list of entertainers, curated by Denero, who were supposedly chosen to perform in America. Koroma pointed out that some of the individuals on the list were actually relatives of Kao Denero and not professional entertainers. This revelation seems to have sparked tension between the two prominent figures in Sierra Leone’s entertainment industry.

Moreover, Koroma asserted that similar assaults have previously been carried out against Ezy B and G, and he supported his claim by mentioning the existence of pictorial and video evidence.

Undeterred by the threat, Koroma emphasized that Sierra Leone is his homeland, and he will not be intimidated or forced to flee from his country, even in the face of potential harm.

Adding to the gravity of the situation, Prezo Koroma disclosed that another popular musician, Atical Foyoh, openly threatened him on a Facebook Live video. Despite the public nature of this threat, Koroma expressed his disappointment that no action has been taken against Foyoh thus far.

“Atical Foyoh threatened to harm me openly on Facebook Live no action was taken against him,” he said.