Popular Sierra Leonean entertainment journalist, Prezo Koroma, was seen in a photograph with Del Vaqyo, the ex-fiancé of entertainment ambassador and hip-hop artist, Kao Denero.

The picture, along with some humorous captions, was posted by popular Sierra Leonean blogger, Sarah Kallay.

See her post below:

Recently, Prezo Koroma and Kao Denero had a disagreement when he publicly disclosed a list of entertainers chosen by the entertainment ambassador for visas to travel to the United States. The list, however, includes names of Kao’s family members and was eventually declined by the United States Embassy in Freetown.

Meanwhile, the photograph of Koroma and the rapper’s ex-fiance has generated many rumors on social media, with some suggesting that the two are in a romantic relationship, while others speculate that it is an attempt to make Kao Denero jealous, as the two are not on good terms with him.