The management of Ishmael Kamara, popularly known as Kracktwist has released a statement about words circulating of their artist being involved in a music theft.

His latest track, “Na Net”, has sparked numerous unusual remarks from audiences implying it was lifted from previously released songs.

Given these circumstances, the team has publicly addressed and dismissed these claims, reiterating their artist’s authenticity and musical prowess.

The team emphasized Kracktwist’s unwavering commitment to crafting unique music for his admirers and staunchly refuted any claims of his involvement in musical theft.

Kracktwist has a track record of creating original and innovative music. Our artist is committed to nurturing and promoting artistic integrity, and we take any allegations of plagiarism or theft very seriously,” they outlined.

Kracktwist and his representatives are urging the broader community to delve deeper into the situation, seeking any substantial evidence that might shed light on the truth of the matter.

We are conducting an internal investigation into these allegations and will cooperate with any relevant parties to ensure that the truth prevails,” they stated.