Sierra Leone’s Afropop artist Worldboss, also known as LAC, has been embroiled in a fiery public feud with fellow musician Boss La. The controversy stems from a recent statement by Boss La claiming the title of the country’s most accomplished artist.

LAC responded with a barrage of accusations, asserting that Boss La holds the dubious distinction of having the worst criminal record, being the most irresponsible, and engaging in more lies, womanizing, and disrespect than any other Sierra Leonean superstar. He further alleged Boss La’s fondness for luxurious hotel stays over property ownership, political sycophancy, and a history of convictions.

You are the only one to support two parties and sell your integrity soon as they give you money, is true
You are a deceiver and goal digger, is true
Classless dressing more than all Sierra Leone super Star, is true
Deported from America because of your criminal record, is true
Jealous and hate for your fellow Sierra Leone super stars, is true
Alcohol addict and smoker more than every Sierra Leone super Star, is true” he continued.

LAC’s accusations extended to Boss La’s online presence, claiming he’s behind fake social media pages and known for inciting confusion. He also criticized Boss La’s alleged hypocrisy regarding criticism of the government and accusations of leveraging diplomatic connections for personal gain.

LAC’s diatribe continued, calling Boss La a two-faced opportunist who sells his integrity for money, a deceiver, and a man with a poor sense of style. He concluded by accusing Boss La of being a deportee from the United States due to his criminal record, an addict, and a negative influence on Sierra Leonean youth.

LAC finished by questioning Boss La’s loyalty, suggesting a future betrayal of the SLPP party wouldn’t be out of character given his “deceitful actions.”