One of Sierra Leone’s finest musicians who is based in Australia Nelson Idrissa Kargbo popularly known as Mackmuday has officially declared his support for President Bio presidential candidate of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) for the June 24th, 2023 elections.

Mackmuday made this declaration in a video on social media stating he is the right person to rule Sierra Leone and called on citizens to vote for President Bio.

He highlighted some of the development presidents Bio has undertaken laying emphasis on the newly constructed airport which he said can be compared to any airport worldwide.

He said some people are claiming President Bio did not do enough for the country adding that it is one of the reasons why he should be re-elected to continue his development drives in the next five years.

He continued that Sierra Leoneans will never regret their decision of voting for President Bio come June 24th, 2023.

He said Sierra Leoneans should not allow any other politicians give them sugar-quoted words adding that President Bio is the Nelson Mandela of Sierra Leone.

Watch the video below