Manzu, one of the oldest musical artists in Sierra Leone, has shed light on the state of the country’s music industry and called for unity among artists. Having played a pivotal role in shaping the Sierra Leone Entertainment scene, Manzu emphasized the need for seasoned artists to extend support to the younger generation.

Amidst the backdrop of the highly publicized feud between Ambassador Kao Denero and Drizilik, which has sparked intense reactions on social media, Manzu took the opportunity to address the wider issues affecting the industry. He stressed the importance of giving opportunities and backing to emerging artists, stating, “If we want to get there ASAP, please let us welcome, focus, and celebrate the newcomers in the SL Music Industry.”

Manzu, with a sense of urgency, advised fellow entertainers, especially the older ones, to recognize the potential of the younger generation. He firmly believes that promoting and uplifting new talents is crucial for the industry’s growth, emphasizing that clinging to the past can hinder progress.

Their time has come; our time has faded out, (Dis na dem tem, we tem don pass)” remarked Manzu, suggesting a shift in focus towards nurturing the emerging talents who represent the future of Sierra Leonean music. He expressed the sentiment that resisting change is detrimental to the industry’s advancement.

Furthermore, Manzu addressed the stagnation in the present state of the music industry, attributing it to the reluctance of established artists, producers, stakeholders, and fans to embrace modern trends. He urged everyone involved to adapt to the changing dynamics of the global music and entertainment landscape.

Our Music Industry is stuck today because some household names deliberately deny the change and transformation of the modern way of music and entertainment. We have to change with the world if we want to see some progress,” stated Manzu, underscoring the urgency of adapting to contemporary industry standards.