Sierra Leonean makeup artist Mary Yei Yongai recently attempted the Guinness World Record for makeup applications in a 24-hour period, completing makeovers for a staggering 111 people.

However, in a heartfelt message, Yongai also revealed the challenges she faced leading up to her history-making achievement.

While expressing gratitude to her supporters, Yongai recounted being rejected by many companies for sponsorship. She approached telecommunication companies, television stations, and others, but only received last-minute support from a select few.

The journey wasn’t easy on an emotional level either. Yongai admitted to confronting her parents about their financial situation, feeling that greater resources would have eased the sponsorship struggle.

Disappointed by the lack of recognition from some media outlets, Yongai called out Sierra Leonean bloggers who never covered her story, even after receiving official confirmation of her Guinness World Record attempt. She encouraged the public to hold these outlets accountable.

Despite the hurdles, Yongai persevered and ultimately achieved her record-breaking feat. She concluded her message by emphasizing her inspiring story for the world and expressing renewed appreciation for her true supporters.