One of Sierra Leone’s outstanding lyrical genius and awards male hip-hop singer, Mohamed Fawaz Turay, better known by his stage name Medee T, throws shades at his colleague rapper Emmanuel Saa Gandi popularly known as Xzu-B.

Medee T made some claims about Xzu-B via one of his social media platforms stating that he is one of the reasons he is still creeping in his music career.

He stated that Xzu-B has been rapping for the past twenty years and is still upcoming, never had a successful show, still struggling, and has no accolades.

He said the only achievement he had was “a stupid chief judge title” from the AYV street cypher.

He accused Xzu-B of not growing in the entertainment industry because his heart is bitter for others stating that they are not enemies and he should wash off the dirt in his heart and he hopes things will be better for him after.