In the wake of Drizilik’s electrifying performance at The BET Cyphers, the Sierra Leonean rap scene has been abuzz with commentary and criticism. Fellow Sierra Leonean artists De-Bill and Salone JQ took to their respective social media platforms to express their unfiltered views.

De-Bills, in a candid post on his Facebook page, didn’t mince words, stating, “Even though Drizilik may not be the best, he is better than LAJ. No wonder this guy isn’t great. Look at the freestyle he’s praising. That’s the weakest Cypher I’ve ever heard. I will always make noise in this industry because I think deeper than most of you. Shallow rappers.Adding that Drizilik’s fame is partly a result of his association with popular Hollywood actor Idris Elba.

“Even though drizilik na snot, bot in sef good pas laj”

“No wonder dis guy nor good. Look d freestyle wae e dae praise. That’s the weakest Cypher I’ve ever heard. Ar go always buzz na dis industry bcos ar dae think deep pas una far. Shallow rappers”

“Fame pan borku heng heng lol. Idris Elba in arn get 4 cut n fodon na grun 1 day”

Salone JQ added his voice to the discourse, expressing his disappointment with Drizilik’s performance. “If that flow is all you can write to represent Sierra Leone, you’ve failed the rap game. SMH,” he commented.

“If that flow is all you can write to represent Sierra Leone, you failed the rap game. SMH”

These remarks have ignited a firestorm on social media, with a multitude of Sierra Leoneans voicing their opinions. Some have labeled De-Bill and Salone JQ as “bad-hearted” individuals.

However, amid the contentious debate, Drizilik found a staunch ally in popular France-based Sierra Leonean musician MOS-B, who came forward to show his unwavering support. MOS-B asserted, “Drizilik, I’m proud of you, bro. Thanks for representing us in the cypher. I don’t care what people say; you did your best. Keep aiming higher!”

Drizilik’s appearance on the BET Cypher platform was a remarkable moment for Sierra Leonean music. As the third performer in the cypher, he showcased his lyrical prowess and Sierra Leonean pride. Drizilik’s verses resonated with fans, as he seamlessly weaved elements of Sierra Leonean culture into his performance. He used his platform to promote the native “Krio” language and expressed his hope for global recognition of Sierra Leone’s rich heritage.

Sharing the cypher spotlight with Drizilik were other talented artists, including Psycho YP, Veezo View, ASKIA, PHIDO, Bryan The Mensah, and Ko-Jo Cue. Each artist brought their unique African flair to the session, collectively highlighting the wealth of talent emerging from the continent. The debate sparked by Drizilik’s performance emphasizes the passion and enthusiasm within Sierra Leone’s rap community.