Prolific Sierra Leonean Forward, Musa Noah Kamara alias Musa Tombo has been captured with a new mystery woman in a viral social photo.

Musa Tombo who is currently signed to Port Authority FC in the Sierra Leone Premier League was seen with the unidentified lady in a romantic position.

This isn’t the first sighting of Musa Tombo with the enigmatic woman. Just days prior, both were photographed together during a matriculation ceremony at the Milton Margai Technical University (MTTU) in Freetown.

Social media platforms have been abuzz with speculations suggesting a romantic relationship between Musa and the unidentified woman. The viral photo has triggered a variety of reactions from netizens. While some supporters extend their well wishes to Musa in his new relationship, others express skepticism.

Karim Dickson, one user, offered his blessings, commenting, “Musa na now u get u size bra. Enjoy you love to the fullest.”

In contrast, Miatta Senesie expressed doubts about the longevity of the relationship, stating, “No to thing wa dae last,” which translates to “Not a Lasting Thing.”

However, Tamba Benjamin James took a different stance, urging social media users to allow the 23-year-old footballer to relish his newfound relationship. “Can people just stop focusing on this young man’s life? He knows what’s good for him, and that’s exactly what he’s doing, and he is happy; that’s what matters,” he remarked.

Musa Tombo made headlines previously when he parted ways with his former wife, Hawa ‘Tombo’ Dumbuya, after their marriage turned sour. The couple, once celebrated as one of Sierra Leone’s prominent celebrity couple announced their divorce in 2022 following allegations of domestic violence by Hawa Tombo against Musa.