The first female Vice President of the Makeni Artistes Union, Lady Bancy, has announced that she will be releasing a new song titled, “Mama Salone”.ย 

According to Lady Nancy, the release is intended as a gift for Sierra Leone and her fans in honor of the country’s upcoming 62nd Independence Day and the crucial 24 June 2023 general elections.

She also cautioned the youth against violence during the election period, emphasizing that voting is a right that should not be sold for a little penny.

In a verse from her upcoming song, she stated that hungry men are often angry but reminded her audience that violence is not the answer.

In her song, Lady Nancy highlighted the beauty of the country, describing it as “Sweet Mama Salone”, compared to honey and milk.

She also emphasized that residents of Sierra Leone live in peace and harmony and that politics should not be used as a tool to divide the country for party interests. She called for unity among all Sierra Leoneans, reminding them that there is no place like home and that they should work together to make their country better.

Lady Nancy will be launching her sixth album, “No Drama,” on April 27th at Makeni City Plaza. In her harmonious voice, she called for unity and more investment in the country. She reminded her audience that while elections come and go, the state remains, and politics should be a tool for division, neither regional nor tribal lines, as ethnic groups are created by God, not by choice. Everyone should come together to work for the betterment of the country.