Popular Sierra Leonean Artist cum Entrepreneur, Nasser Ayoub, has in a post on Facebook advised the defiant All People’s Congress (APC) Member of Parliament Elect, Mohamed Bangura, to switch political parties in order to enjoy his five years in the ruling SLPP regime.

In his words, Ayoub  said in Krio “Pa Bangura, Enjoy diz 5 yrs weh lef, Take me Advise, Switch Party, Because mi n u know say, E Don RED”

His post comes after the APC honorable took Oath of Office in the Sierra Leone Sixth Parliament earlier today, July 13th 2023, despite his party’s decision to not participate in governance until their demands are met.

The APC took this decision after they were defeated in June 24th general elections and demanded primarily for the publication of the disaggregated polling station results in order to corroborate the results read out by the ECSL.

General and elected members including all 54 but 1 MP wholeheartedly agreed to that decision.