One Deen Foundation has announced that the performance of international guest artists (munsheeds) is postponed until next year due to insecurity in the country.

“We regret to inform you that due to unforeseen challenges, rumoured protests and tension within the country, the participation of international guests Ilyas Mao, Boona Mohammed and Esaam Mohamed in the 3rd National Eid Festival has been postponed to next year,” a press release from the Islamic organisation reads.

One Deen, however, affirmed that the Eid Festival will continue as planned at Youyi Building after the Eid-ul-Fitri prayer The Islamic organisation, conversely, said that the dinner/movie event has been cancelled.

“We encourage members to contact their ticket agents for refunds of their movie/dinner tickets,” they said.

In what seem to keep the spark alive, One Deen said that other special activities will be organised during the festival. They said that attendees will be chanced to win “amazing prizes”.

The organisation has previously organised the festival twice with both being successful drawing large crowds of Muslims especially youth in the country.

Last year’s Eid, One Deen successful brought British Islamic Artist, Omar Esa and gave a memorable performance at Stadium Practicing Field in Brookfields, Freetown.