Makeni-based social media comedian and musician, Orbatheh, also known as Mr. Karant, has taken a firm stance against fellow comedian Sasqo, vowing to confront him over accusations of smoking kush.

Orbatheh expressed his confusion over Sasqo’s persistent efforts to tarnish his reputation and questioned why Sasqo continues to associate his name with such allegations.

He expressed his frustration and asserted that Sasqo is his junior, and he will not hesitate to diminish Sasqo whenever they cross paths.

Orbatheh, who has traveled to Freetown where Sasqo resides, revealed that Sasqo lacks the courage to venture into Makeni, Orbatheh’s hometown, due to fear.

Orbatheh remained resolute in his intention to confront Sasqo and stated that he is committed to carrying out his plans.

He emphasized that Sasqo’s habit of speaking ill of him has strained any sense of brotherhood between them, firmly reiterating his determination to settle the dispute.

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