Patricia Rose Tucker, known as Patrose during her time on the popular Housemates Salone reality TV show, has recently announced her aspiration to become a contestant on the upcoming season of the House of Stars reality TV show.

Taking to Facebook, she shared her excitement and called for the support of Sierra Leoneans to rally behind her candidacy.

In her Facebook post, Patricia wrote, “I Patricia Rose Tucker, the ISLAND GIRL, am officially declaring as an aspiring contestant for the HOUSE OF STARS reality TV Show season 1. I am excited to continue this adventure with your unwavering support. Sierra Leoneans, please support the right candidate this time, the daughter of the soil, the one who actually needs and wants this opportunity because we only have Salone to get it from, the one who will make use of the opportunity given to them and can represent the brand and our beloved SIERRA LEONE.”

Highlighting the importance of supporting the right candidate, Patricia emphasized her commitment to making positive changes in the entertainment industry. She expressed her belief that she possesses the qualities required to contribute her unique flair to the show. Patricia’s determination to showcase her authentic self, passion, and ability to thrive in challenging environments resonated with her supporters.

The House of Stars reality TV show is organized by Kings Empire Sierra Leone Limited, and the inaugural season is set to feature the most extravagant grand prizes to date. The highly anticipated 2023 edition is scheduled to be launched in July, with the show itself taking place in October of this year.

Participants of the House of Stars show will have the opportunity to compete for incredible prizes, including a fully furnished three-bedroom house, a car, and a cash prize of NLe 50,000. Val King, the spokesperson for Kings Empire Sierra Leone Limited, announced that the construction of the house is nearing completion and will be unveiled during the show’s launch in July.

The House of Stars show aims to bring together more than 20 participants from diverse entertainment fields such as musicians, movie stars, DJs, comedians, models, fashion designers, social media influencers, bloggers, dancers, athletes, and more. To qualify for the show, applicants must meet specific criteria, including having a combined social media following of at least 20,000, possessing popularity beyond their respective sectors, and demonstrating creativity, talent, and entertainment value.