A wave of excitement swept through Pujehun District as the local heroes, Mohamed Savo Feika, fondly known as Awillo, and Isata Kandakai, returned home to a rousing welcome after their outstanding performances in the Mister Sierra Leone and Miss Earth contests held at the Freetown City Council. Both contestants captured the hearts of the nation by securing the coveted first runner-up up positions in their respective competitions.

Awillo, the charismatic representative in the Mister Sierra Leone contest, and Isata Kandakai, the graceful contender in the Miss Earth contest, showcased exceptional talent, poise, and determination during the national pageants. Their remarkable achievements have not only brought pride to Pujehun District but also to Sierra Leone as a whole.

The enthusiastic crowd in Pujehun gathered to celebrate the achievements of these young stars, showering them with cheers and applause as they paraded through the streets. Local residents, students, and community leaders, along with family and friends, joined forces to give Awillo and Isata a hero’s welcome, acknowledging their extraordinary accomplishments on the national stage.

Both Awillo and Isata Kandakai are now set to represent Sierra Leone internationally, carrying the hopes and dreams of the nation with them. Awillo will be flying the flag high in Thailand, while Isata Kandakai will be gracing the stage in Egypt, representing Sierra Leone with grace, charm, and talent.

Stakeholders from various sectors have expressed their happiness and admiration for the remarkable display of talent exhibited by Awillo and Isata. Their achievements serve as an inspiration to aspiring youth in Pujehun District and beyond, encouraging them to pursue their dreams and aspirations with determination and dedication.

The warm reception in Pujehun District not only signifies the pride of the local community but also the unity and support that Sierra Leoneans extend to their talented representatives. As Awillo and Isata Kandakai gear up for their international journeys, they carry the heartfelt blessings and best wishes of their community, promising to make their homeland proud on the global stage. (cart-away.com)