Sierra Leone Legendary Hip Hop Star, Pupa Banja has advised Alhaji Amadu Bah alias ‘Boss La’ to learn to forgive and forget the circumstances surrounding his imprisonment. 

Bah found himself on the receiving end of a presidential pardon granted on January 1st, 2024 after spending over one year of a nine-year prison sentence. The news of Boss LA’s release sent shockwaves through Sierra Leone, triggering an outpouring of joy and celebration across the nation, especially among music fans.

Banja, a star renowned for his 90s hits, couldn’t hold back his elation at the news. In a message that resonated with many, he declared, “No one should be in jail… We just have to learn to forgive and forget… Love, forgive and forget. We welcome you brother. You are not supposed to be inside there and nobody is supposed to be in there.”

Upon his release, Boss LA, still visibly overcome with emotion, expressed his gratitude to the President for granting him a second chance. His words, “I appreciate the president for giving me another chance in life,” reverberated across the nation.

Boss LA’s release wasn’t the only cause for celebration. Over 300 prisoners found themselves granted pardons on the same day, marking a historic moment for Sierra Leone. The President’s act of clemency brought joy and hope to countless families and signaled a commitment to second chances and rehabilitation.