In a shocking turn of events, Queen Musu, originally from Liberia, who tied the knot with Sierra Leonean Prince Pee just a few months ago, has publicly announced their separation. The revelation came after Musu accused her husband of infidelity.

Taking to her Facebook page, Musu made a series of posts, one of which hinted at the release of evidence to support her allegations. “Myself will post those cheating videos! Not SG”, she wrote. In a subsequent post, she confirmed her new relationship status, stating, “I am SINGLE again. I will post the reasons why. I am also searching.”

The split comes as a surprise to many, especially since Musu had gifted Prince Pee a new car for his birthday only weeks prior. The couple, who exchanged vows in July 2023, quickly became fan favorites, leading to widespread concern and speculation on social media. Some fans hope that the announcement might be a mere prank, while others express their sympathy and support for Musu.

As of now, Prince Pee has not publicly addressed the allegations or the split.