Musician Kelema Refell, and music producer, Wilbert were victims of an armed robbery on Monday 7th August 2023 at Kanigo, Lumley.

In a Facebook post, Kelema Refell detailed the terrifying encounter, which occurred during a studio session. The assailants, who were equipped with pistols, cutlasses, and pepper spray, seized several items belonging to producer Wilbert.

He mentioned that the items the armed robbers stole belonged to producer Wilbert.

The stolen items included an M1 Apple machine, two drives (each with a capacity of 1TB), and Wilbert’s vehicle, which, however, the robbers failed to take away. Additionally, a bag containing Wilbert’s passport, driving license, bank ID cards, and a sum exceeding 20 million Leones was also stolen.

Refell concluded his post by expressing gratitude for their lives being spared amidst the incident.

The incident is happening less than 24 hours after popular AYV journalist, Samuel Wise Bangura was robbed of money and valuables including $7,000, an iPhone 14 Pro Max, and several bank ID cards along Wilkinson Road in Freetown.

According to reports, Bangura was driving along the busy Wilkinson Road close to Kingdom Hall when an unidentified person pepper-sprayed him before forcibly carting away with his monies and valuables.