Sasqo, a well-liked Sierra Leonean comedian on social media, enthusiastically accepted LAC’s marriage proposal in a TikTok video.

This acceptance of the offer occurred only a few days after renowned magician Baimba Moiforay, also known as LAC, decided to pay for the wedding-related expenses of Sasqo and Blacker.

In the snippet video provided by LAC, he exhorts Sierra Leoneans to continue looking for a suitable wife for Sasqo.

With ecstasy, Sasqo took to his TikTok account after receiving the good news and immediately accepted the offer.

Sasqo claims he doesn’t care what kind of lady he marries because he likes all types of women. This can include being thin, lean, overweight, or anything else.

He continued by saying that after the wedding rituals were completed, he and his fiancée would dance the Makosa during their honeymoon.