Sierra Leonean US-based dancehall musician Shadrack popularly known as Shady Baby has appealed to the family of the late DJ Clef on behalf of the well-known magician LAC.

In a video shared on Facebook, Shady Baby expressed his decision to stand alongside LAC in seeking forgiveness from the family of the late DJ Clef. He mentioned being moved by the sincerity conveyed in LAC’s recent video, where LAC humbly sought forgiveness and acceptance from the Buckle Family.

To the Buckle Family, I want to join my brother ask for mercy“, he stated.

He stated that LAC might be innocent though DJ Clef was last seen in LAC’s house at a party, Shady Baby further suggested that the wrongdoers might have purposely chosen LAC’s residence as the party venue due to his magician profession, potentially intending to divert suspicion towards him following the execution of their scheme.

He shared a personal experience of losing his first son years ago, recalling how he was wrongly accused of using his son for ritual purposes.

Watch the video below