In an official statement posted on her Facebook page, Lolo Simeon, a renowned fashion model and social media influencer, has responded to the ongoing speculations surrounding her relationship with Sierra Leone’s popular comedian and content creator, Osman, widely known as Mammy Thomas.

The statement was made to address the curiosity of her fans and followers who have been supporting both Lolo and Osman in their respective careers in the media.

Simeon clarified that she and Mammy Thomas have come to a mutual understanding to part ways.

In the heartfelt message, Lolo thanked her supporters and those who have been inquiring about her relationship with Mammy Thomas.

While she chose not to divulge into the specifics of the separation, she assured everyone that both she and Mammy Thomas are on good terms and have a deep respect for each other’s personal space.

In a request for privacy during this time of transition, Lolo asked her fans and followers to remain calm and show respect for their decision. She emphasized the importance of love and respect in moving forward.

Read her message below:

Hello guys. I have to do this for my sake and for the sake of some of you who have been supporting me (us). Many of you have been asking questions relating to my relationship with Mamy Thomas and I. It’s high time I let you guys know officially. Osman and I have had a mutual understanding to go our separate ways. I am not going into details however, we are cool and we both respect each other’s space. Please I ask that you fans and followers also respect our privacy. Thanks and let love and respect lead.”