Sierra Leonean musician and owner of the Red Flag Music (RFM) label, Alhaji Amadu Bah “Boss La” or “LAJ” has stated his intention to surrender to security forces once his safety can be assured.

Boss La was among the prisoners who were set free from Sierra Leone’s central correctional facility, Pademba Road Prison by assailants on Sunday morning.

In a statement released through his management, Boss La expressed concern for his safety and well-being amidst the ongoing security situation in Freetown. He reiterated his commitment to cooperate with the authorities and clarified that his departure from the prison was due to the deteriorating security conditions and the absence of visible security personnel.

“King Boss is not on the run,” the statement emphasized. “He is a Sierra Leonean peaceful citizen and under the laws that govern Sierra Leone.”

Boss La has indicated his willingness to present himself to the nearest police station once the curfew is lifted or when adequate security measures are in place to protect him. He has also reached out to the Inspector-General of Police and the Chief Minister to inform them of his situation.

“As at now, nobody has any clue or information on what is actually going on, so he will report to the security forces or report his location as soon as the situation is in grasp and he knows what’s actually happening,” the statement concluded.