Popular Sierra Leonean musician Jacob “The Therapist” has united with fellow artists in pursuit of an ambitious goal of staging a monumental show at London’s prestigious O2 Arena.

The decision comes hot on the heels of Nigerian Afrobeatz sensation Asake’s triumphant sold-out performance at the illustrious 20,000-capacity venue, adding his name to the roster of top-tier Nigerian artists like Wizkid, Davido, and Burna Boy who have graced the O2 stage.

Jacob “The Therapist” embraced the momentum of this achievement, taking to his Facebook page to convey his resolve in the local Krio language: “If asake don do am udat na me wea nor go do am raise up Salone.” Translated into English, it reads: “If Asake did it, who am I not to do it and raise up Sierra Leone.”

Fellow artist Famous has also declared intentions to grace the renowned O2 Arena with his presence for a show scheduled next summer, further solidifying the collective desire of Sierra Leonean artists to conquer global stages.

Jacob “The Therapist” himself stands as a shining beacon of the nation’s musical prowess. As an exponent of Salone Music, he garners acclaim not only for his multiple award nominations in 2023 but also for becoming the first emerging Sierra Leonean artist to amass over 1 million streams in under a month across platforms such as YouTube and Audiomack.

His meteoric rise was marked by his unforgettable hit “NACK,” which propelled him into the spotlight and allowed him to engage with prominent African entertainers like Davido, Mayorkun, Fireboy, and more. His musical journey has even transcended borders, with a successful show in Liberia showcasing his continental influence.

While Jacob “The Therapist” basks in his achievements and forges his path toward the O2 Arena, his recent post has sparked a range of reactions from fans. Some have offered unwavering support and motivation, acknowledging his potential to attain such remarkable heights. However, a contingent of skeptics has raised questions about his pursuit, considering he’s released just one track over the span of two years.

Regardless of the varied responses, Jacob “The Therapist” remains steadfast in his commitment to elevating Sierra Leonean music and standing as a beacon of determination for the nation’s creative landscape.