Former Miss Sierra Leone, Sarah Laura Tucker is celebrating five years since she won the Miss Sierra Leone beauty pageant in 2018 and expressed gratitude for the past years.

“Today marks 5 years since I was crowned Miss Sierra Leone 2018 and without an iota of doubt, I must say I have handled this platform with utmost grace, brilliance, and confidence,” Tucker said.

She explained the hard work she put in preparing for the Miss Sierra Leone Beauty Pergent journey with some doubts and uncertainties, adding that those challenges pushed her to discover her true strengths and purpose and also taught her the importance of staying true to herself and her values amidst the many reviews suggestions, opinions, and assumptions.

“I knew that pageantry was way beyond a pretty face and a banging body; a show. It was a service to the country. So, my platform is only and has only meant to uplift young (especially unconventional) women in society. I learned to carry my platform and not let it carry me, to be able to use it for its true purpose,” She said.

She stated that though her reign ended four years ago her work has just started as her platform will continue to expand, and will always be open for true service and advocacy for more and better opportunities for young Sierra Leonean women.

“As a business executive now in the creative/arts industry, it is my business to make sure young women are comfortable and confident in choosing this path, in such a traditional society,” Tucker added.

“Here is to limitless possibilities for the dreamers, believers, change makers, positive creatives, individualists/nonconformists. The world is your stage and it’s wide enough to accommodate all of us. Bloom in your purpose, and the world will adjust. BE MINDFUL AND INTENTIONAL”.

She thanked God for the unmerited favors and also expressed thanks to her family, friends, followers, and acquaintances for their unwavering love and support throughout.

She concluded by stating that with her past achievement, she is excited for new adventures ahead and look forward to having continued to stick around as it all unfolds.