Sierra Leonean young businesswoman Umu Kuntume Sall had accused popular musician Kracktwist and his team of being unprofessional and unable to pay for her services which are stage lighting for Kracktwist’s latest event.

Umu alleged that on the 19th of March 2023, she was contacted by Kracktwist to provide stage lighting for his latest live show “Old School Meets New School Live Festival” at the Gigibonta Car Park, Lumley Beach, Freetown.

Umu stated that she told Kracktwist her service will cost him NLe 3,200 which should be paid before the services are made available at the show adding that Le 1,300 deposit was made by kracktwist on the 18th of March 2023 with a balance of NLe 1,900 which was to be paid in the morning before the work commenced.

Umu continued that the work was delayed because the remaining money was not paid as agreed upon and later called Kracktwist for her balance but his phone was switched off.

She added that she then called his Manager but he told her to wait and that he was going to his place to get the money.

“I waited with the workers along the beach till it was past midnight, he didn’t show up and he didn’t call back.
I decided to give the workers a little something to go home and told them when we get paid, I will send their money”.

She further stated she sent a message to him via WhatsApp explaining how they were badly treated, and his response was the money will be sent through orange money.

The day after the event I called but he was not answering, I sent a WhatsApp message to remind him of our balance and told him that rang the event, two of the security lights were stolen and that wavered his care so he will have to get them, he responded that he was going there (Gigibonta Car Park)”.
She confirmed that NLe 1,500 was sent for the initial balance and reminded him that he still has a balance of NLe 400 and 2 security lights.

It was when I made the post on Facebook yesterday, that was when I got the balance of NLe 400 sent to me.
Kracktwist and his team are still owing me 2 security lights that I use for my work worth of NLe 700″.

I just want to let him know that I have given him those lights and won’t ask again now nor ever after and in he can use them to brighten his MUSIC CAREER. And if how he acted towards me was right, Allah will someday decide”.