A viral press statement circulated on social media says, “APC EXPELS MR. MOHAMED BANGURA AS MEMBER OF THE ALL PEOPLE’S CONGRESS”


FALSE. The statement did not originate from the All People’s Congress (APC). 


On Thursday, July 13, 2023, Mohamed Bangura, an elected member of the Parliament representing Constituency 066 in Karene district, North West Region of Sierra Leone defied the resolution of his party, the opposition All People’s Congress (APC) not to participate in any level of governance, including the legislature and local councils.

The APC, in protest of their displeasure with the conduct of the 2023 Presidential elections in Sierra Leone had expressed their intention to abstain from participating in legislative and local governance unless fresh presidential elections were conducted within six months.

In the statement dated 30th June 2023, the party rejected the presidential election results due to the many irregularities and violations of the electoral procedures, demanding that the Chief Electoral Commissioner Mohamed Konneh and other commissioners should resign because they are described as being “biased in the execution of their duty.”

On July 5, 2023, all 54 elected Mayors and Members of Parliament (MPs) from the APC signed a statement affirming their intent to abstain from participating in the governance processes of the state except Mohamed Bangura.

Today, July 13, 2023, Mohamed Bangura was the only elected member of the APC who took the parliamentary oath of office.


Mixed reactions have trailed Mohamed Bangura’s decision to follow disregard the decision of his party.

Thereafter, a statement emerged on social media purportedly signed by Lansana Dumbuya, the Secretary general of the APC. The statement reads below,

“The All People’s Congress (APC) has taken decisive action against Mr. Mohamed Bangura, the Member of Parliament-elect from Karene District, due to his defiance of the party’s directives. Following his blatant disregard for the party’s demands for all members of Parliament to refrain from attending parliamentary sessions, the National Advisory Committee (NAC) has unanimously resolved to remove Mr. Mohamed Bangura as a Member of Parliament elect and expel him from the APC with immediate effect.

The APC, as a political party committed to upholding the collective decisions made by its leadership, holds its members accountable for adhering to party directives. The party’s stance on abstaining from parliamentary activities was taken in response to a critical matter that required unified action. Mr. Mohamed Bangura’s failure to comply with this directive, which was established to ensure the effective implementation of the party’s strategy, has demonstrated a serious breach of discipline and a lack of commitment to the APC’s principles. The NAC, after careful deliberation, has determined that such actions are incompatible with the values and objectives of the party.

The expulsion of Mr. Mohamed Bangura from the APC signifies a significant step towards preserving the unity and integrity of the party. The decision reflects the party’s unwavering commitment to maintaining discipline among its members and safeguarding the collective interests of its constituents.

The All People’s Congress reiterates its dedication to the people of Karene District and assures them that appropriate measures will be taken to ensure their representation in Parliament remains steadfast. The party will initiate a process to select a new representative for the district, who will effectively champion the interests and concerns of the constituents.

The APC urges its members and supporters to remain focused and united in the pursuit of its core values. The party remains resolute in its commitment to serving the people of Sierra Leone with integrity, accountability, and unwavering dedication.”


First, Sierraloaded fact checking team observed that the statement was incoherent with previous press statements from the All People’s Congress. Unlike previous statements from the party, the APC logo and heading of the document was an image copied from another source. Similarly, an analysis of the signature on the document showed it was lifted as a screenshot from another document.

Secondly, Sierraloaded observed that the statement was inconsistent with the process of expelling a party member according to the 2022 APC Constitution. Chapter 6, Article 62 of the APC constitution states that a member of the party can only be expelled after such member have been found guilty by Disciplinary and Grievance Handling Committee if the allegations against such member are stated and proven by clear, cogent, unequivocal, satisfactory and convincing evidence.

Thirdly, Sierraloaded reached out to the senior members of the APC party who denied knowledge of such statement.


The statement claiming Mohamed Bangura has been expelled by the All People’s Congress is FALSE. The statement did not originate from the APC party, and it does not align with the 2022 APC Constitution.