The Republican National Independence Party (ReNIP) re-elected Chairman, Dr Beresford Victor Williams and the flagbearer for the June 2023 Presidential candidate has expressed his appreciation to all those who nominated him as flagbearer and National Chairman in their just concluded elective congress on the 19th of February 2023 in Bo.

He stated that RENIP is a party that is ready to rule Sierra Leone and they have showcased it at the Party’s National Delegate Conference as they are able to comport themselves and take ownership and responsibility of their affairs

He affirmed that as they are ready to compete in this next general election with the main message to ‘take control’.

Williams clarified ‘take control’ as taking full of ourselves, our personal lives, households and actions

“The country has gone from bad to worse. I recalled when I was a child, People were using One Leone to buy many things but now it doesn’t have the same value” he stated

He affirmed that he believes as a youth, intelligence doesn’t come by knowledge, age or what you know but Intelligence comes by how people can use their resources and take full control of their own destiny and that is what RENIP is ready to bring to the nation.

“We are going to make sure that we introduced a hybrid economic system. We acknowledged the fact that some political parties may frown at this system because they know the benefit it will bring amongst the people and we are read y to equitably distribute the resources to the nation and not for the selected few.” he mentioned

He further emphasized that if ReNIP is elected to serve they will increase the minimum wage from 600NL to 2,000NL. He pointed out that the party is ready and they have the mechanism to take control of governance in Sierra Leone.

He further emphasized that as a party they don’t believe in donors, but effectively managing the country’s resources.
He expressed his disappointment in the current health system in the country, as one of their Chairperson in ReNIP Ward Constituency went to Cape Verde to access better medical facility but died during child birth.

He also acknowledged that many Sierra Leoneans are starving and many could not afford a full square meal a day. He added that ReNIP is ready to tackle this issue by enforcing firm price control measures.

He acknowledged the fact that President Bio has tried to introduce Prize Control but it was short lived with the current global economy and massive recession.

He further mentioned that ReNIP is going stabilise the fuel Price to 14NL by introducing subsidy in the next five years if they assume the country’s mantle of leadership

He justified his statements that to make Prize control sustainable they are going to introduce Freeport and provide duty waver to anyone who may want to import goods to Sierra Leone.

He affirms that he believes in ReNIP Policy which is Honesty, Truthfulness, and Transparency and they will stand by what they believe in.

He empathized with Sierra Leoneans that their are so many who cannot afford what to eat and others who are taking illegal substance even among security personnel as it was recently shown on Social media.

He confirmed that they have seen huge progress in the Caribbean and various countries because they have decided to take control and as the party is ready to take control nobody will tell them it is impossible.

He added that that they have intention to nationalize Key Industries in Sierra Leone because people always clamour for investors and ReNIP believes that all Sierra Leone need is business partners but not investors. He explained that they intend to create a business forum that will create better living conditions for all Sierra Leoneans.

He expressed the Party’s determination to transform Sierra Leone as the least developed countries in Africa though people may not like the description. He made an analogy with Rwanda who experienced a Genocide are among leading countries because they take responsibility. However, he mentioned that Sierra Leone was in the Forefront in 1826 but we have lost everything.

He calls for urgent reforms in Sierra Leone Justice Sector as the Party believes in Justice. He described the current Judiciary as a broken system and not fit for purpose in the this 21st/century.

He added , when RENIP assume Power they are going to increase spending on the security forces. He affirmed that the Sierra Leone Security Forces are being underpaid and they are going to increase spending by 0.5% as addition to what they are having.

The June 24, 2023 election will be the second to be contested by RENIP with a Presidential aspirant

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