I am a 50 years old female politician in Sierra Leone. I was born in Freetown in October 1971 and grew up knowing there is a wonderful lady in Great Britain called “Mama Queen” who was born in the same year as my grandma, Mama Rosa.

As I grew up and matured in Life, I became drawn to the incredible Leadership skills of “Mama Queen” whom I realized was such a Strong Woman with a stiff upper lip throughout moments of turmoil and moments of jubilation.

She was an inspiration to me on my political journey as a female politician. Mama Queen was an essential part of the life of many of us Sierra Leone citizens and we will miss her presence; miss knowing that she was around with her perfectly matching hats and outfits and such a sweet voice and lovely smile.

Her maternal instincts and loving care were best exemplified when she ensured her son, Andrew, walked her into one of her last church services. What a MOTHER she was.

Her DNA exuded strength of character and was inherited from the ancestry of strong men and women.

She was an Inspiration.

My late mother was fortunate to meet Mama Queen at Buckingham Palace and she cherished the moment until she passed away last year.

What a loss to the World.
What a loss of an Inspirational Woman.
Rest in perfect peace Mama Queen.