What is Killing The Sierra Leone Male Population

Death is one of the harsh realities of life. It is a phenomenon that is inevitable as it is one the major characteristics of living things. As humans, it is natural that we may die before the people we love, they may die before us or we die together. There is no fourth probability.

According to statistics Sierra Leone, the population of Sierra Leone grew by 3.2% between 2004 and 2015 from 5 million to about 7million.

The majority of the population is young with eight out of ten people being under 35years of age and 41% under the age of 13 and 62.5 below the age of 25years.

Pursuant to Section 26(1) of the National Civil Registration Authority [NCRA] is tasked with the mandate to publish a comprehensive vital statistic on deaths and the population of Sierra Leone.

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The Provisional Annual report on deaths for the year dated 31st December,2020 is a cause for concern for the Sierra Leone male population.

The report recorded 11080 male deaths which is equivalent to 54% of the male population and 9,411 accounts for 46% which accounts for 46% of female population.

In a country where women are the majority, the reports have been received with mixed feeling by media analysts, Journalists, and other right-thinking members of the society who are begging the question as to what is killing the Sierra Leone male population? And further asked whether the male population is exposed to more risk compared to the female population? Is it unemployment, poverty or the level of stress the current male population is enduring?

As many people continue to think through these questions, it is the responsibility 0f every government to ensure the well-being of its citizen.

Even though, successive governments have paid more attention on extracting the country’s mineral resources and failed to realized that a country greatest resource is its human resource, President Bio has made Human Capital Development as one of the key priorities of his government.

It is obvious that a country cannot be developed without its people hence the people should raise eyebrow whenever their population feels threatened reason. Considering the fact that the right to life is entrenched in many treaties globally, it is the responsibility of authorities in charge to ensure that such right is protected. Concerns have been raised by many people for government to look into the unexpected and rapid death of the male population and provide a possible redress.

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