Dr. Fatima Maada Bio is a beautiful, well-educated woman who is steadfast in her love for her nation and people. She has a remarkable capacity for perception. She personifies more than just glitz and drama; she is the epitome of the African woman.. Fatima Bio is forming intimate bonds with other First Ladies in Africa and across the globe. She have a special talent for persuading others to share her viewpoint. This is bolstered by the fact that she sets an excellent example. Due to this special trait, she was able to launch her flagship campaign, “Hands off our Girls and Free Sanitary Pad Distribution,” to great success in Freetown, Sierra Leone. In December 2018, First Ladies from several African nations banded together to combat gender-based violence for the first time in history. These First Ladies took part in the orderly demonstration that took place in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Finally, as a result of this, on February 7, 2019, President H. E. Rtd. Brig. Julius Maada Bio declared a National Emergency on Rape and Sexual Violence in Sierra Leone.

Her Excellency has been around the world in her battle with cancer. She got the Merck Foundation to pay for various doctors to study oncology. On February 4, 2019, she also served as the host of the World Cancer Day celebration in West Africa that raised the most awareness. She presented the design for an international medical centre to the government and the world during the celebration of Cancer Day. Her goal is to establish in Sierra Leone the most cutting-edge medical facility in the world with worldwide affiliation pacts with some of the greatest teaching hospitals in the world that will be located at 34 Military Barracks.

The President’s vision of unity, patriotism, and hard work to make Sierra Leone one of the greatest countries in Africa is pioneered by Dr Fatima  Bio, the multiple award winner.

The conference “Girls with No Name” took an unflinching look at the issue of child prostitution in West Africa in 2018, using Sierra Leone as a case study, at the UN headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. An address by First Lady Bio was made at the gathering. The United Nations, whose main office is in Geneva, Switzerland, hosted it there.

When she actively participated in the 2018 and just concluded 2023 elections in Sierra Leone, the country took notice of her skill and strategy. She had little trouble mediating an end to the fighting. Her natural passion for the grassroots as well as her formal schooling contributed to her approachable communication skills to all.

The Queen of England was delighted to meet with Africa’s newest first Lady at the 2018 Commonwealth Heads of Government conference in London. Her tenacity in working to alter people’s perceptions of the place of women in politics impressed the Queen and her restless 30% quota for women is groundbreaking .

The First Lady has devoted countless hours to promoting Sierra Leone and maximising its people’s potential. Dr. Fatima Bio is a child enthusiast who has been working on practical short- and long-term objectives that are affecting children’s wellbeing all around the world.

First Lady Bio feels that education is essential to realising the goals of the government. Her benevolent nature is innate, and she is an excellent role model who leads by example. Her ability to accomplish any task she sets for herself is her best asset. While some claim it to be divine, those close to her will argue that it was simply hard effort; i Fatorma will argue that it was both hard labour and supernatural intervention.