Meet our Man Crush for this Monday, Abdul Bah.

Abdul is a football philanthropist who has been supporting grassroot football, providing equipment and financial aid to players in achieving their dreams. He transformed Summer City, an amateur football club within the Brookfields Community to one of the most lovable community team in Freetown, as a manager.

He is a man who seeks peace. He recently resolve a player dispute between Summer City and Leicester Road Community. “I want to use this medium to formerly notify the executive of COFA and the community representatives that after a friendly and peaceful engagement between Summer City and Leicester Road Community, the management of Summer city have agreed to release Abu Dumbuya commonly called Diabi to play for Leicester Road Community. We thank all those that were part of the negotiation process and we hope to continue with this brotherly relationship.”

Manager Bah is passionate about football. His mantra is embracing all under the one vision umbrella of Football development.