Our MCM for the fifth week in the year, Abdul M Fatorma.

Meet a man who is willing to risk his all in order to bring common good for the people, fighting their rights and questioning necessary quarters if need be.

Abdul Fatorma is Executive Director of the UK-based Campaign for Human Rights Development International—CHRDI.

Abdul has been actively working in the field of human rights protection and social injustice activism.
For nearly two decades, Fatorma has been one of Sierra Leone’s foremost defenders of human rights and anti-corruption campaigner.

He started working as human rights activist with United Nations Peace keeping mission in Sierra Leone and later as a court monitor for the U.N. backed Special Court for Sierra Leone set up to try those who bore the greatest responsibility during Sierra Leone’s 11 years civil war.

Fatorma’s work regularly exposes him to the dissatisfaction of politicians. He also has a long history of questioning public spending in Sierra Leone and standing up for the common good.

In August 2016, Fatorma, through CHRDI, infuriated lawmakers after issuing a damning report exposing the lack of accountability of over $20 million in development funds. He’s also been a strong voice in calling the government to account for failing to adhere to its own standards for universal access to quality education.

Abdul wants the world to know that women and youths are the greatest assets we have towards making this world a better place. He want to see bright smiles on the faces of as many women and youths as he possibly can.

In 2018, the Chozen Generation Sierra Leone ranked, Abdul Fatorma among the top 10 most outstanding Sierra Leoneans. The ranking recognizes men and women who performed extraordinary feats.