Meet our Woman Crush for this week, Amanatu Ajibola Thomas.

Being a Muslim under the veil doesn’t stop this woman of great virtue keep her voice low. Channeling her limitation into strength, she has fought tirelessly for the woman against oppression, religious contemporary issues through the power of a pen in words.

Meet Amanatu Ajibola Thomas, a female activist, counsellor and entrepreneur; a passionate author who has written many articles on issues oppressing women, Islam and contemporary issues.

Madam Thomas is the Manager for Jalika’s Drug Store, the founder and National President of the Islamic Da’wah Sisters, Executive Director of the Muslim Women Advocacy Network-Sierra Leone and has served as the Financial Secretary of Royal Academy International High School. Thomas had wanted to become a medical practitioner but could not completed her studies because she was asked to take off her Muslim hair dress (hijab).

Amanatu Ajibola Thomas is a successful entrepreneur, Marriage counsellor and women right Activist who uses her poetry to advocate for the right and freedom of women in Sierra Leone. Thomas has been the voice for young girls and women in Islam for the past 17 years now and has made remarkable contributions especially in changing the lives of young girls in Sierra Leone.

Her passion to raise her voice and express the feelings of the oppressed women is one that is very admirable. Thomas believes working for humanity bring fulfillment and happiness to one’s life. She has pioneered and undertaken series of activities towards Islam and National Development.

Despite her biggest obstacle in life which has been discrimination against her hijab to pursue Nursing and become a professional Nurse, she has been steadfast and focus in uplifting her religion and ensuring that other young girls do not experience what she went through in the past.

She engages in community events set up to help the less privileged and women in the society; like Weekly food preparation for the less privileged, Donations to the disabled, deaf and dumb, yearly provincial tour with donations, Masjid renovations and fundraising, yearly hospital tour with donations, Visitations to the Female Correctional Centre, Visitation to the house of the aged, Ramadan cooking items and clothing distribution, Iftaar, Ramadan donations to the orphans and widows, Rotational Friday Dawah, Weekly Islamic Classes for adults, Daily Islamic Classes for Children and Construction of boreholes among others.