Meet the man called Drizilik.

Drizilik, born in April in the early 1990s as Benjamin Menelik George is a multiple-award-winning Sierra Leonean musician. Growing up, he would listen to hip-hop and R&B music. His mother used to travel to Europe a lot and would bring back Craig David and 50 Cent albums that he would listen to. He began rapping in English but now raps in Krio to engage with his immediate Sierra Leonean audience. The steadily rising star isn’t content with the ordinary; he fuses the vibrant, soulful energy of Sierra Leone’s goombay, bubu, and milo jazz with the global pulse of hip-hop and afrobeat, creating a sound as unique as his stage presence.

His journey began in the bustling city of Freetown, where the streets thrummed with the rhythms of tradition and the yearning for something new. Channeling this yearning into energy, he poured his heart and soul into crafting lyrics that resonated with his generation. Soon, his breakout hit “Pop Collar” swept across Freetown, infecting radios and dance floors with its infectious energy.

His skillful songwriting, catchy one-liners, and deep cultural metaphors on his 10-track debut album ‘Shukubly’ earned him the moniker of Sierra Leone’s king of new school music. Drizilik’s range and inimitable delivery both as a rapper and singer have led to back-to-back hit singles and collaborations including ‘Shukubly’, ‘Move Right’ with BAFTA winner Big Zuu, the classic ‘Di Mammy Im Moni Fo Komot,’ and ‘Ashobi’ with the International act, Idris Elba amongst others. The 2021 MTV Africa Music Award ‘Listener’s Choice’ Nominee has rocked stages from Freetown, Lagos, to London; including Madengn Festival, Fashion Week for Labrum, YouTube’s Africa Day Concert, Sierra Leone & Gambia Music Festival, Hull City’s Freedom Festival and currently Budapest Bamako.

His works have earned him many prestigious awards and recognition, both locally and internationally. Drizilik performed at the first-ever TED Talk event in Sierra Leone, the TEDx Youth at Kingtom, named one of the 50 most influential young Sierra Leoneans in 2018, headlined the Freetown Music Festival in 2019, topped Sierraloaded 20 Hottest Artiste in Sierra Leone 2021.

Drizilik actively collaborates with youth organizations, using his platform to promote education, entrepreneurship, and cultural awareness. He mentors aspiring musicians, fostering a creative community where young talents can thrive. He embodies the “little extra” – the dedication, the hustle, and the cultural pride that Sierra Leone’s youth can emulate to forge their extraordinary paths.